Sammamish mosaic artist Cheryl Smith been commissioned to design and install  a 76’ sq. ft. mosaic salmon wall  locally sourced from recycled glass & tile. This public art installation will be a permanent fixture on an outdoor wall at the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery. It will be seen by hundreds of thousands every year, and stand as a testament to FISH’s rich natural heritage as well as the communities passion for preserving the salmon habitat.

This project is being headed up by local artist Cheryl Smith, who has led teams of volunteers to foster community and fellowship while beautifying buildings and public spaces throughout the Pacific Northwest. Some of her community mosaics can be seen at the Issaquah YWCA Family Village, the Boys & Girls Club of Sammamish, and the Good Samaritan Episcopal Church. The salmon will be created by Issaquah community groups of all generations and abilities. This project is being organized by the Friends of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery with the generous support of the City of Issaquah Arts Commission.

The goal to mosaic the outer walls of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery is 2 fold- Aesthetically, it will enhance the grey concrete structures while drawing the spectators into areas of the property that are not big visitation sites.
The collaborative nature of the project bridges the gaps between members of the community, connecting them in a way that only art can. Mosaics cuts across generations, socioeconomic boundaries, languages, cultures and abilities. They can be created by anyone-young or old, able or not.  This project will bring the beautiful diversity of Issaquah together to create  lasting piece of public art

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